Quick + Easy Spring Tablescape

About this time every year, I start longing for Spring in a bad way. And with this added rain and overall gloominess that has descended on this part of the great states, it has been even worse than usual. 

So, to perk myself and our creative team up, I took advantage of an ordinary brunch meeting and created a Spring tablescape to generate some good feels and maybe some inspo around here. Spring and Summer weddings are approaching, and that means bridal showers are upon us! So, if you find yourself planning a bridal shower, or any other type of small gathering this Spring, this post is for you!

This time around I stuck to good ol' Target for some goodies to make this table extra springy. Usually, we use Anthropology, West Elm and some of our local shops too, but this was a last minute put together so we needed something quick, pretty and simple! This is good news for you all because you can get everything you see here in one stop!

spring flower arrangement

One way to stick to a budget (and have some creative fun), is to create your own arrangements. Of course, this only applies to a small gathering, leave the wedding florals to the pros! Make sure you don't overwhelm yourself, create your arrangements the night before if you intend to go this route. Drink some wine, grab some stems and find your creative side!

So, when you think of Spring florals, what do you think of? For me, it is TULIPS, TULIPS, TULIPS! When I see the Tulips start sprouting in my yard and on the floral racks, my heart skips a beat. It means SPRING IS NEAR! With that said, these obviously were my flowers of choice for this table.

Side bar: I love repurposing things to use as vases. These little juice containers make the sweetest bud vases! (Thank you to my three-year-old for having an apple juice addiction.) Or, you can invest in new vases with the money you save on paying someone to create your bouquets! In this case, I found some fabulous Spring vases that were perfect for my Spring table. (Okay, done digressing.)


These napkins were my favorite part of the whole scheme. Each napkin was a different pastel color, which was perfect because I was already creating a clean looking table (we needed room to spread out concepts, pictures, inspos, and of course let's not forget food), but I wanted something to add a little variation. The eggs allowed for more contrast/color mixing.


Personalizing each setting is my goal at every event I put together, large or small. In this small gathering, I wrote the guest's names on these decorative eggs. I still get a little bit giddy when I sit down to a meal and see my name telling me that this is my special spot. It makes me feel extraordinary to know I was expected and planned for, which is why I always try to create that feeling! 

Thank you for reading! I hope you got some good feels and some good ideas while reading! If so, please comment and share! We love to hear from our readers!

Cheers to tablescaping!

Want to recreate this with your own flair? Shop the style below!


My Wedding Day: 3 Regrets

Julie's 2011 Wedding

Planning a wedding while doing student teaching was only slightly easier than obtaining my degree in education. No one warned me! I blame the fact that Pinterest wasn't a thing back then... because yes, I'm old. 

Reliving my wedding day through pictures is always fun for me. Seeing all my loved ones celebrate my marriage really does bring a smile to face; as cheesy as that sounds... because, well... I'm cheesy! But, here are a few things that would have made my day even better. 

1. Hire a Videographer

This is my main wedding regret! I wish so badly I had hired a great videographer to capture my  wedding in live action. I was so happy with my wedding photos, but a video would have given me even more moments to remember. I look back at my photos and there are so many loved ones who have passed on since my wedding day. Seeing them living life and enjoying the moment would be priceless to me. So, if you're on the fence, just do it! You won't regret it.  Contact us for a list of some of our favorite videographers!

2. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

I remember feeling like I didn't have enough time to eat, or sit, or take a moment for myself. We had a five hour time block from start to finish to get through pre ceremony pictures, the ceremony, the reception, and the grand exit. It was a whirlwind. My venue had a wedding that morning, so I was unable to pay for additional time. I just trusted the process and thought it would all be fine, which it was! But, I am a person that likes to take my time. I felt too rushed around and I wish I had considered that before I booked the venue. 

3. Add Some Personality

I had no idea I could break the ‘wedding rules.’ I was stuck thinking that I had to do everything the traditional way. I never once considered that I could change things up and do something a little more ‘us.’ My favorite thing to do when I plan weddings is think, "What is something unique to this couple that we could incorporate to create a lasting memory." I totally missed that creativity in my wedding. (Again, I blame Pinterest for this!) I absolutely would have had a fire pit with s'mores. It was the perfect evening for something like something like that. Anyone that knows my husband and I, knows we are all about fire (we are weirdos), marshmallows, and chocolate! Try to think of moments you want to look back on.  Possibly a small sweet moment, like a personal toast to your groom, or go crazy and have dancing acrobats come in lieu of a DJ... if that's your thing! Whatever you do, make sure it's true to who you are as a couple. 


So there you have it! My top three regrets from my own wedding. But, the good thing is, the outcome to my wedding was the same despite lacking the things I mentioned above. I'm married to the most perfect human for me! That's what our hope is for all of our brides. When you find your one person, the wedding is just the icing on the cake!

 Happy Planning!




Cassie Imel
Wedding Inspiration: Vibrant Color

New year, new inspos! This cold weather has us dreaming of warmer days to come... so close, yet so far still. But we can dream right? Before we know it, Spring weddings will be upon us. So to warm us up we are putting together some of those warmer weather soirée ideas! 

This is one of my favorite wedding inspirations because like me, it is ALL ABOUT COLOR! Give me all the color please! Bright and brilliant? Even better. This Summer and Spring we are hoping to embrace the bright colors and delicious details like Popsicle cocktails and rainbow flatware! 

Stay warm out there and dream of sunny vibes! 

Photo Creds: bride & groom streamers: www.popsugar.com // place settings, invites, table and florals: greenweddingshoes.com // colorful wedding sign: junebugweddings.com // popsicle cocktails: theweddingplaybook.com

Let's Collaborate
Murder Mystery Concept

We are looking for vendors of all types, who would like to do a styled shoot with us! This particular styled shoot is unique. Not only is it a styled shoot, but it will be an auction item for The Little Lighthouse in Tulsa. The Little Lighthouse is a school for children with special needs. They provide tuition-free educational and therapeutic services to children from birth to age six. 

Last year, Penelope and Lu auctioned off a Planned Murder Mystery Party at the Garden Party. The Garden Party is an auction The Little Lighthouse has every year to raise funds for the school. This year, we would like to auction another one, but this time we thought it would be fun to make it into a styled shoot as well!

The winner of the auction will be the excited host of a fabulous Kentucky Derby Themed Murder Mystery Event. We provide the story and design, and would like to seek other vendors to donate their talents to make it a great event for the generous person who takes this auction item home. So, with that said, we would like vendors of all kind so we can make it one spectacular party. Not only would we all be donating to an awesome cause, but we would have the opportunity to put on a styled shoot that people can enjoy, not to mention the fabulous photos we will all have of our creative work!

Here is a list of vendors we are seeking:





Costume/Clothing Retailer


Bartending Services


Small Venue

The Little Lighthouse takes goods or services of any kind, if you would like to donate, contact julie@penelopeandlu.com. Or if you have any questions at all, please call or email! 405-564-3224. 


The Little Lighthouse is close to our hearts, and we have seen first hand the amazing work they provide. Julie, co-owner of Penelope and Lu, has two children, the oldest, William, has Arthrogryposis and Eagle-Barrett Syndrome. Thanks to The Little Lighthouse, William has gotten to experience amazing therapies while attending a school adapted for him! That is the beauty of this school, it adapts and molds to the needs of every student. We are so thankful that our amazing William has gotten to experience such a great education, while opening our eyes and hearts to one of the most amazing non-profits in Tulsa, and even the United States!

We hope we get the opportunity to work with you. We are so excited to put this event together and think it will be exciting and different!

New Year, New Wisdom

We are working on goals and resolutions in the office this week, as I am sure lots of you all are! One thing we have decided to keep in our minds and hearts as we go forth into this year as a business is to just love people. All of them. We want to meet new types of individuals in this industry and others! We believe the best way to grow is to know, and in order to know we need to meet and talk to people who do and understand things we do not! 

So as we go forth with this resolution, we hope you consider it in your resolutions. If so, reach out to us and let’s have coffee! Tell us your success story and your failures. We want to know! Give us your wisdom! 

Also, you’ll be seeing a lot of expansion in this coming year, we hope you’ll enjoy this adventure with us! 

Cheers to growth, as a business and an individual! 

Happy New Years!  

Cassie Imel