Meet Julie & Cassie

It is the littlest details that make an event truly memorable and extraordinary. We work to make sure everything is perfect and stress free for you. We take inspiration from everything, the personality of the host, the thought and dream behind the event, music, art, a person's style. We use everything we know and dig to know more in order to make a memorable event that lives in the memories of the guests forever.



cassie Imel

Cassie is the design guru. She is always searching for the perfect colors, florals, signs, fonts, and little inspirations that will set the atmosphere for the day. She has a degree in journalism and loves incorporating new, exciting trends as well as classic elements in each unique event.

Cassie does not shy away from color, and is always searching for new color palettes, textures and trends to work into our floral endeavors.



julie walsh

Julie is the executor of details and the idea innovator. She is always identifying the needs of our clients before they even realize they have a need. She enjoys spreadsheets, checking off to-do lists, and getting the key ingredients to your wedding accomplished to create an absolutely perfect event.

Julie is a master forager and will find the perfect extra details for any floral project. She can take a vision and make it a work of art by finding the perfect flowers or greens for your floral masterpiece.


A Note From Us:

We take pride in our families, friendship and our work. We love our team of people who help us set-up on the day of and the many vendors who help us create beautiful, timeless events. Our clients quickly become our friends. We walk through the long, tedious process of planning an event and in that time we always find a new kindred spirit. This is our favorite part of what we do.

We love God, we love our work, we love our life and we love the business! We can't wait to get started on your event!